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Searching for Mana: Where to See the Real Hawaii

Standing in the hot sand at the tip of Ka‘ena Point, La‘akea Perry, master teacher at Kei Kai o Kahiki, an all-male hula school, begins to chant, his voice trembling in a lilting vibrato. The words of the oli impart a greeting, one that conveys both a deep love for O‘ahu’s west side and an inherent responsibility to the land.
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Tools of the Trade: Mikey Franco

A snowboarder-turned-craftsman breathes new life into felled trees.
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Bucket List Road Trip: Seclusion, Surf, and Shrimp on Oahu's North Shore

Driving along Kalakua Avenue toward the northbound H1, I watch the hype and hoards of Waikiki fade from view in my rearview mirror. The notorious Honolulu traffic slides steadily forward, and I cruise toward Wahiawa where the road forks toward the Kamehameha Highway and the part of O'ahu that locals call the country.
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Tools of the Trade: Nick Kim

This NYC sushi chef coaxes perfection from artisanal Japanese rice.
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10 Best Beaches on Italy’s Amalfi Coast

Some of Italy’s best beaches are nestled into coves along the Amalfi Coast. Here are ten beautiful swaths of shore to seek out.
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Best Beaches on Oahu’s North Shore

Known by surfers around the world as the “7-Mile Miracle,” the Kamehameha Highway snakes along Oahu’s north shore, Hawaii’s answer to the vintage two-lane highways of yesteryear. Perfect for a day trip, the road winds past hidden coves, volcanic shores, and Pacific pipelines that inspire surfers’ dreams.
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Playing Robinson Crusoe — and swimming with pigs — in the Exuma Cays

Cerulean blue, I thought, though some people would probably say turquoise. Or maybe aquamarine. The sun emerged from behind the wispiest of clouds and I squinted, blinded by its brilliance, at the endless stretch of clear Caribbean Sea. Definitely aquamarine. From my vantage point on a far-flung sandbar in the Bahamian out islands of the Exuma Cays, I found myself thinking of the big boxes of 64 Crayolas I loved as a kid.
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What’s old is new at Bolton Valley

The digital thermometer on the car’s dashboard held steady at -2 degrees as we climbed the last, steep stretch up Bolton Valley’s twisting access road. Twinkling lights dangled like icicles from the eaves of the Inn at Bolton Valley, interrupting the darkness as the inviting, northern Vermont ski hamlet came into view, a beacon of warmth on a frigid Valentine’s eve.
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Celebrating Winter on Stratton Mountain

Snow day—that simple phrase translates into childhood bliss. At least it did when I was a kid.
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Portland, Maine Trending

Funky neighborhoods and a dynamic arts district add a contemporary twist to the town's old-salt feel.
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If old school is your ski style, check out these resorts

As the ski industry pendulum continues to swing the direction of homogenized mega-resorts, a balancing trend has begun to emerge, with skiers seeking out more authentic mountain experiences. While I enjoy maple-sugar body scrubs, artisanal lattes, and heated, high-speed bubble chairs as much as the next gal, there’s a lot to be said for a weekend away from the high-end mountain distractions that make time spent on snow second fiddle.
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Longing for your summer camp days? It’s not too late

From my perch on the back of the pontoon boat, I watch the two slippery, life jacket-clad girls splash and flail as they clamor back onto the heavy black tube. Heaving themselves onto their stomachs, they grasp the red fabric handles encircling the tube’s perimeter. The pontoon’s motor roared to life and the slackened rope linking the tube to the boat snapped to attention as we took off across the water, the tube holding the now shrieking girls bouncing in a wide arc in our wake.
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Gina DeCaprio Vercesi

Gina Vercesi is a New York based writer, adventurer, storyteller, and nature girl. Chronicling journeys on land, water, and snow, her work has appeared in numerous publications including the Boston Globe, Sierra, Delta Sky, Travel + Leisure, Islands, Lonely Planet, and more. Gina also pens the blog Kids Unplugged with the mission of getting families away from screens and out into the world. She lives in a friendly village on the Hudson River with her husband, three daughters, and a very good dog.