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Victoria, British Columbia Trending

The coastal city of tea and gardens trades old-fashioned ambience for a fashionable flair
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Best Snorkeling Spots in Panama and Costa Rica

Though often celebrated for remarkable biodiversity both on land and in the water, Panama and Costa Rica rarely get tapped as prime snorkeling territories.
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How to Foster New Generations of Global Citizens Through Travel

When summer is on the horizon, many families begin planning their warm weather travels, whether that means hitting the beach, visiting a historic European city, or getting outdoors to take in a national park or trek through a remote rainforest. The benefits of incorporating some of the practices of sustainable tourism into those plans are many, but misconceptions can sometimes cause families to shy away from the concept.
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The Single Best Way to Enjoy the Beauty of the British Virgin Islands After the Hurricanes

The water is the first thing you notice when coming in for a landing at Tortola’s Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport — deep indigo seas that lighten to lapis, turquoise, and finally ultramarine as they near the shore.
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10 British Virgin Islands Anchorages that Weathered the Storms

Seven months have passed since the one-two punch of hurricanes Irma and Maria delivered flooding rains and devastating winds to the British Virgin Islands, transforming the Caribbean paradise into a scene out of the apocalypse. Yet on a charter trip with The Moorings in early April, I saw signs of recovery everywhere.
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This Arizona City’s Desert Magic Will Keep You Coming Back for More

I’m standing beneath an ocotillo-thatched ramada enjoying a brief reprieve from the desert’s shimmering heat when a feathery blur catches my eye. Could it be? Jiggling a handful of dried tepary beans, our guide tells us stories of the ancient Hohokam people who cultivated Tucson’s arid land nearly 2,000 years ago.
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Tools of the Trade: Daina Trout

This holistic nutritionist gets funky with tea.
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How Utah's Weird Laws Made It One of the Coolest Places to Drink in the US

Utah may have a teetotaling reputation and the newest, harshest DUI law in the country, but its innovative bartenders and brewers are crafting creative, delicious libations that would entice even the most skeptical imbiber. Beneath the rainbow-hued neon dragon that presides over 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, a staircase delivers customers to a dimly lit speakeasy called 225.

Getting Over the Hump

Majestic humpback whales return to the Pacific Northwest in massive numbers.
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I Stripped Down With Strangers for a Real Finnish Sauna Experience — Here's Why You Should Too

As the cab slows to a stop, I scrape some of Jack Frost’s handiwork from the window and peer into the depths of the polar night. We’re only 15 minutes from the center of Helsinki, yet dense forest presses in all around us. “Are you sure this is right?”. I ask the driver, stealing a glance at my friend Sophie who raises her eyebrows in reply.
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Searching for Mana: Where to See the Real Hawaii

Standing in the hot sand at the tip of Ka‘ena Point, La‘akea Perry, master teacher at Kei Kai o Kahiki, an all-male hula school, begins to chant, his voice trembling in a lilting vibrato. The words of the oli impart a greeting, one that conveys both a deep love for O‘ahu’s west side and an inherent responsibility to the land.
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Tools of the Trade: Mikey Franco

A snowboarder-turned-craftsman breathes new life into felled trees.
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Gina DeCaprio Vercesi

Gina Vercesi is a New York based writer, adventurer, storyteller, and nature girl. Chronicling journeys on land, water, and snow, her work has appeared in numerous publications including the Boston Globe, Sierra, Delta Sky, Travel + Leisure, Islands, Lonely Planet, and more. Gina also pens the blog Kids Unplugged with the mission of getting families away from screens and out into the world. She lives in a friendly village on the Hudson River with her husband, three daughters, and a very good dog.